New "one who got away"😬

I have a new “one who got away” but the difference this time is I think this girl really liked me. I’m the one who got her out of my life. I Initiated the separation of lives. Damn she was swell. She took antipsychotics for her bipolar and I gave her a lot of advice on that. She was also an ex heroin crack addict. And for some reason I’m attracted to heavy drug users especially crack addicts. Yes yes I know. “Chew why are you lusting over a mentally ill drug addicted girl”. Idc she was hot and we got along really well. I’ll never know HOW WELL we’d get along because it was only 2 weeks (more like 2 hours) we really bonded. But I think about her a lot. She was cool. Damn it!

Well I will say that it appears that the AP haven’t affected you libido like it has affected mine.

It seems common for neuroAtypicals to connect better with others from a similar walk of life. I’d probably find a nuerotypical /emotionally stable/normal? person too intimidating. Not that I knew my wife was mentally ill when I met her - I didn’t even know I was then either! People with mental illness better understand one another I feel and are likely less prone to make harsh judgements etc.

Why not contact her and catch up for a coffee or something like that?

Crack addicts are human beings who have made a few bad choices while simply seeking normalisation …

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I moved away 5 hours away. All I know is her first name. Tried finding her contact info but can’t. :cry: she was damn cool

Ahh that sucks, man. I had a childhood friend who I could only remember the first name of who I tried to find - I even went back to the house, but they’d moved long ago. Such as life! Perhaps your next encounter will be with an even cooler lass. :slight_smile:

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I can only hope so!

Dunno. Your gut instinct at the time was to not continue it, these things can happen for a reason.