New movie ideas

Two new movies that should be made.

Lucky charms the movie. A heart pounding drama filled action thriller in which a leprachaun is hounded by a group of evil little kids who want to steal his lucky charms and keep them for themselves. It has it all, murder, romance, drama, action. Really, it’s a great i idea i promise.

My second idea is to make the highest budget film ever made but hire the shittiest actors on the planet to do it. It’s a comedy of course. I really would love to see something like this, it will have effects and all of the elements of an enjoyable film, the budget will be limitless, it just has the shittiest actors we can find.

Thus Needed To Be Repeated ,

but On A More Serious Note ,

I Would Watch Your Films ,

Im Not Joking Either ,

You Should Write A Script ,

Fo Reel Tho …