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New Meta-Study: Memantine May Help as an add-on to antipsychotic treatment for residual negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia


I’m still using memantine. It’s working pretty well, but maybe my pdoc will increase my dose to see if things get even better for me.


What mg are you on, the benificial mg is 10 and 20 in the studies. However, does it affect your sleep? On which medications are you on? Does it interact with the medication you are taking? Did you notice any adverse effects? How does Memantine help your symptoms (negatives/cognitive)? What changed drastically and what not? Did you notice any changes in your positive symptoms? Questions questions questions… Sorry about that :smiley:

Once I have fixed my sleeping problems I’m also going to trial with Memantine. :slight_smile:


I think memantine has no side effects (I noticed no side effects). It made my social withdrawal a lot better (I’m going to college and talking to people). My alogia also got a lot better. I noticed no difference for the positive symptoms (maybe my intrusive thoughts got a bit better). I’m on 10mg of memantine. I think it doesn’t affect my sleep.


I’ve trialed Memantine the past week. Starting on 5mg on Monday, I experienced a psychotic/anxious reaction to it the first night just about when I’d would’ve fall asleep. I put it off as a side-effects and the days after I didn’t really experience any adverse effect on it (other then feeling kind of off). On Thursday I bumped up my dosage to 10mg and on Friday and Saturday it caused increased anxiety/depression and mild psychotic reactions on Friday and a semi-psychotic (paranoia/depersonalisation) experience on Saturday that kept on going for a couple of hours. Sunday (yesterday) I felt so disconnected/depressed/suicidal and wind up (psychotic) I barely could keep my mind off depressive/psychotic thoughts. After what happened yesterday I decided to throw in the towel and end my trial on Memantine. I had high hopes reading the research papers on negative symptoms and anecdotal reports from people about Memantine being a “cure” for their anxiety/depression. I’m very disappointed about the results and I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones where Memantine aggravates psychotic reactions.


I wouldn’t touch that crap.


Why do you feel like that?


It’s meant for people with Alzheimer’s disease. I’m afraid it would have adverse effects!


how does memantine interact with olanzapine 10 mg?


I’m going to my pdoc today I will talk about memantine. I take 10mg of memantine and it improved a lot my social interactions. Maybe my pdoc will increase memantine dose to see if I have some more improvement (I still have some social withdrawal, but it’s far better than before / I’m going to college again for example).

I will also talk about galantamine + memantine as a cognitive enhancer. I feel better with the negative symptoms but I still can’t trust on my cognition.


I took 10 mg Memantine today and I felt almost normal for a few hours. My internal dialogue was a lot quieter, reminded me of old, saner times.


Hi, do you really think unconventional medicines can help you?
Be carefull. Threre are not other choices.


Insidemind you told you take Vraylar Did you ever take Abilify?


Has there been any more updates to the people who mentioned that they take memantine in this thread?