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Welcome, @Oneofakind92!! :sunny:

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hello everyone my name is Rachel . I m a single 24 year old sadly I got schizophrenia


I have schizophrenia and sadly I’m 50 years old and married!

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Hi Rachel, sorry you got schizophrenia


Bounce around the forum for a while. Lots of friendly folks here to talk to…most of us are in the same boat as you are…no need to be alone. :sunny:

It is annoying i have to live with my parents and have a parrot in my room to keep me calm . i live in Inala QLD and thanks

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No worries, parrots are nice, there is a parrot in a petshop window near where I live and it’s an African Grey :slight_smile: I also have a mechanical one in my kitchen on top of my fridge lol

Hi i have been single for a long time i m 24 years old . And just because i m a schizo bipolar type 1 lady my parents understand but others don’t all i do is get angry and then depressed i stay depressed for all day and thanks for talking

What type of meds do you take, if any?

i take Abilify and Venelfexine .A high dose of venelfexine and Abilify 20mg i have a asthma puffer and i also take a thyroid and a iron tablet

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I take 20mg of Abilify as well…

My voices call me Stupid they say that a lot and i get called a whore a street walker a idiot they say death threats and they laugh whisper they reckon i m gay when i m straight . And if people help me well try the voices think i sleep with them it is annoying and they say rasisit things and they comment they say f… off and they call me everything you can say and think .

Welcome to the forum!

hi thanks my name is Rachel

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I’m sorry to hear that…

I’ve never hallucinated or heard voices. But many on this forum have. Perhaps other posters could give you tips on dealing with these voices.