New meds quetiapine, lithium, risperidone, fluoxetine


I was on quetiapine and lithium and now I’m on the same but added risperidone and fluoxetine.

OMG I feel so good since day 1, only 3 days had passed and I feel better than ever… anyone on the same meds?

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That’s fantastic, I am so happy for you

Thanks @Leaf :hugs::hugs:

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Hi @Croco, that’s great. Well done. What kind of goals do you think you’ll pursue now you’re feeling so well?

I’m just on ap’s and Endep. I did well on them for a while, I managed to get back into paid employment. But i’m going thru a rough time atm, trying to sort out my meds but feeling very impatient for things to be better. Probly feel better in a week.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably having a more active life, like doing excesice and going out more, have been isolate too much.

I still hear something but it has definitely lower the volum.

Try this mix: ap,ssri,mood

I hate ssri’s. They provide no benefits and have bad side effects. i’m never going on one again. that’s why i’m on endep. I don’t have a mood disorder so there is no reason for me to go on medication for that. it’s not your place to tell me what medications to go on, that’s the realm of a qualified psychiatrist.

Yeah right…

What is enden btw?