New medicine update

The new medicine is working good I still get a little anxiety and depression at night but once I take my medicine I calm down a little and it’s easier for me to go to bed I dont struggle so much with sleep and then I’m not drowsy in the morning so that’s a plus because I have to wake up and take my kids to school hence I have to drive my last medicine I was on it was scary waking up in the morning taking my kids to school because I would have a hard time staying up glad I’m not on that med combo anymore. I got to bed early each night which is good I dont mind it but if I have to stay up later I feel the depression and anxiety kick up.


I’m glad you’ve had success with the new meds.

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So glad to hear. :blush:

What are you taking?

Good news sleepy

Trazadone helps with sleep anxiety and depression

Keep going!! I wish you all the best and luck!!!

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