New Medication Recommendations


So I’m going to either stop taking Abilify @ 30 mgs or take a lower dose maybe 5 mgs. I ran out or lost them three days ago, and I worked it out with the doctors so I am going to be able to schedule appointments again. I actually have one today she got me in before the storm hits. I’m stable atm, but people have said, at least 4 so far have told me it’s dangerous to quit anti-psychotics cold turkey. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a better medication to ask about.

My symptoms off Abilify are mostly anxiety and mania. So I need something to sort of cap it but not sedate me too heavily. Like, I was on Seroquel and that wasn’t helpful. It enhanced my symptoms and it gave me depression. I also gained weight for a bit. I could barely write a poem.

Abilify just makes me feel doped up, loopy, and tired. I get apathetic/dysphoric and depressed. I’m numb enough that my decisions don’t affect me. In one way I would compare it to what Heroin might feel like if you took it every day. I’d compare Adderall to dirty coke. So I want to do something with the numbness. I’m not necessarily depressed or apathetic right now. That’s the problem. I feel really fuzzed up on Abilify. Like a blindfold is on my eyes.


No recommendations ok. Well thanks.


There are so many meds and they effect each person differently so it’s hard for me to recommend anything in particular.

I’m on Abilify and Trilafon and have zero side effects, but you’ve mentioned problems with Abilify. Maybe Resperdal? It works well for me but makes me bite my tongue.


strange, for me abilify pumped me up,
it only triggered the hallucinations, paranoid thinking, and delusion even more.

you could try zyprexa? yet that also probably numbs you down.
but maybe not enough to that extend…
THE medication may be on an a individual bases

i am on melt tablets, 20 mg. and it has its mild effect.


It’s ok, I got an appointment right before the snowstorm hit, and I got on a new medication and cut down on the abilify. So far I feel a lot better.


I don’t have recommendations, they all really suck, they will all make you ill and kill you over time.

It’s either that or recurring insanity for me, insanity that appears to be demons or some conscious entity.

Torture or torture another way i guess.

I think im being murdered actually, invisible murder.