New Medical Doctor Yesterday

Well from my point of view, it went very well. I have to go back next week for a ultra sound of my leg for the blood clot, he wants to know if it is getting better, worse or staying the same. He said they should have been doing a ultra sound every month since they found it. I am also having an ultra sound of the lumps near my spine, he is not sure if they are fatty tumors, or what, so that will get done next week as well. I am hving a chest x-ray as a precaution.and one more thing that is not so good, he is getting the records of my last MRI from my spine that showed the bulging disc, he wants me to go back to the surgeon and be re-assessed.
I am upset, not that all of this has to be done, but that this old joke of a doctor was not taking proper care of me and kept blowing me off the whole time he has been seeing me for the last 3 or so yrs.

It’s seems like your getting on top of things now. That sounds like a lot to worry about. Hope the best for you. Take care.

I wish you well Kitty - I am glad that you liked your new doctor.
I have been trying to take better care of myself physically - I have a new family doctor and seeing a new eye doctor soon.