New McDonalds Mascot Kinda McCreepy

I do not eat there much anyways. :hamburger: :fries:


the whole company is ’ McCreepy ’ it sells ’ McCrap ’ to the gullible.
it is unhealthy in the extreme for you…
the company’s tactics are low by any standard…
take care


Yeah… I’m scared to watch that video.

I don’t think this is any less creepy.

McDonalds has always creeped me out. You can smell it miles away and the smell sticks to things. Even when I was homeless I still didn’t eat at McDonalds. Mexican restaurants had much better food for dirt cheep and the cooks were nicer.

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I prefer Wendy’s over McDonalds - Burger king is not bad

That IS creepy! But I have to be honest about my cravings for McDonald’s food lol. I made it through college by eating off their Dollar Menu…every day.

And I have a wicked addiction to their breakfast bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. Bad, I know.

There is a McDonald’s just down the street from me, within walking distance. But I try to eat there only once every few months.



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