New life back to the old me

Im myself again! Thank god. I thought risperdal was going to give me all these bad side effects but its working wonders! Im not as paranoid or confused, im not as frequently depressed or anxious. im not seeing as many visions of my old alien friend or syd barretts ghost… Finally im doing well and Ijust wanted to thank you guys for all your support!! Im so energetic and euphoric and happy. I exercise every day, eat less. Things are looking up. I found out im schizoaffective bipolar type so maybe this is the mania talking but I don’t give a flying ■■■■. THANK YOU!!!


Syd Barretts ghost? Interesting. I really like Syd Barrett too. Terrapin is a great song by him solo. And See Emily Play was one of the best.


yeah syd barrett would come to me everday and wed talk and have a cigarette together. both terrapin and see emily play are wonderful. I like vegetable man and dark globe, i relate

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good on you. :heart:
take care :alien:

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That’s all great to hear! Sounds like you have insight into the illness. Keep it up!

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I feel like I’m starting to come back to life again too as of recent. I’m nearing my third year with SZ and am feeling like remission is within reach. I just have to keep giving the brain exactly what it desires and I should be fine.

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im still having some mood issues, ups and downs if you will. flights of ideas and euphoria followed by depressed feelings and thoughts i don’t know how to stop that

May work (may not, but it’s work a try) :

I am dx’d “psychotic bipolar.” I am – with the help of workbooks like this – able to function pretty well now on a very low anti-P med dose (with corresponding low sfx).

thanks notmoses ill check that out