New jeep tomorrow

anyone drive and what type car

I have to drive to get anywhere. No public transportation where I live. I have a 2010 Ford Escape.

From the country Ridgerunner

I walk. Gave up driving a couple of years ago. I had a Nissan truck I really liked.

I drive a 2000 Chevy Cavalier. I bought it in 2002.

My friend was a passenger in a Jeep driven by a friend of his. They were four-wheeling and my friend wasn’t wearing a seat belt and the Jeep tipped over on a steep hill. My friend was thrown out and the Jeep rolled over him and crushed him to death. That was thirty years ago.

1998 nissan maxima. Its got leather and a nice sound system but is almost old enough to buy cigarettes.

sweep has a ford fiesta and gives me lessons in it. its a nice dark grey colour very smart

and i dont know why the word colour is underlined as misspelt as i have been using that word since nursery school and i know that that is the way it is spelt also the word spelt is underlined as wrongfully spelt its pretty weird.