New insight

Most criticism is based on perfectionism.


Unless it’s just.

Deep. Did you think of that all on your own?

Haha i know its basic . just popped into my head really strongly and i felt i should share it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s easier to critique than create but to be good at either indicates some skill in the other - sagar gorijala


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To critique a person is to assume some higher level of insight. And while these levels of insight maybe attainable, you will not be able to communicate/help the person until you know how to communicate with them. We are a humans on different levels. It’s not a spectrum but a dense scatter plot wherein we all fit regardless of the extremity of our features.


Even bad criticism usually has a little truth in it.

I distance myself from society so I don’t have to critique or create , it’s worked for over 2 decades.

I says that if it aint broken theres no need to fix it.

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I like it…

I’ve been thinking how perfectionism is an excuse to be discontent.

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