New Initiative Helps Keep People with Mental Illness Out of Jail


NAMI is pleased to announce the launch of Serving Safely, a national initiative to help police and sheriffs’ departments effectively respond to mental health crises. Funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, “Serving Safely: The National Initiative to Enhance Policing for Persons with Mental Illnesses and Developmental Disabilities” will be a one-stop shop for communities—specifically law enforcement agencies—to request training and technical assistance. Through the initiative’s work, law enforcement agencies will be better prepared to interact with people experiencing mental illness or developmental disabilities and their families.


it probably gets expensive sending innocent people to jail whatever they want to call it.



We sure could cut down on our prison population if we legalized drugs. Maybe save a few billion a year there. Also, think of the tax money we could get if we taxed recreational drugs. We could keep the price of street drugs high doing that.


i swear to god you can’t even go for a walk in this ■■■■■■ country without running into a authoritarian gun wielding redneck claiming your violating some kind of law.

they throw you in jail, say you have a mental illness and try to strip your rights away.

then these blowhard politicians try to talk ■■■■ about north korea or somewhere else where there just a bunch of authoritarian gun wielding rednecks of a different race. I WANT TO SUE


At least they give you food and clean clothes at jail and no APs there. :unamused:


Keep people with mental health issues out of jail?
How about treating them instead of jailing them?

Would be nice if a single organization could fix all that.


only if everything in america wasnt privatized for profit…


Jail amd prison has been privatized for profit too.

There are large companies that provide the prison and staff. The state subcontracts that correctional company.

This is why so many people are in jail including those with MI. On top of that prisoners work for major companies doing business in America for very low wages (almost free).

BLM made this one of their issues to address even though it has been going on for probably 10+ yrs.