New Hummer ev

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I saw that commercial yesterday. Afraid to ask what that thing costs.

I’ve seen the base cost is ~$80k

I wonder how long it takes to charge it and what if you run out of juice in the middle of nowhere?

I like my gasoline powered vehicles.

I think they might eventually release a range of hummers, would be cool to see this as a turbo diesel or v8.

That will save lots of money bcz Hummers use too much gas, my brother’s friend had one.

Is that real? 1000 horsepower? That’s more than Teslas!

That thing would cost more than my mortgage payment. You won’t save any money. All these going green ideas are way too expensive. It will take ten years or more before this technology is affordable.


Yeah crazy amount of power, but less range than tesla. I think I will like electric cars when they can do like 1000 miles on a charge, where I live last year the state next to us they shut off the power for a few days and people from that state were driving around here frantic looking for a place to charge their cars lol.


Yea but there is much cheaper EV vehicles, VW eGolf, Nissan Leaf, they cost 28 000$ here.

That’s after the government 8000$ rebate for EV cars.

I thought I just heard 3 or 4 months ago that they stopped making Hummers except for the military.

I think they quit making them in 2008 or so. So they just came back.

My uncle got rich making modifications to the military ones to sell in the open market before they were a thing.

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I don’t see Hummers here anymore, they were popular in the old days like over 10 years ago.

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Yeah, our Governer famously had one.

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Those don’t appeal to me. Wouldn’t own one but this one looks pretty cool but I don’t want a $1500 car note.

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Now I see here Mercedes G class jeeps instead of Hummers.

lol this is what I want


I am sure this is over 100 000 or even over 200 000$ lol

lol yeah, I think it is actually over $200k. It’s super unnecessary and extra, but a badass vehicle

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