New hope has me happy again

It won’t be long and Angie will have her disability…I am so excited about this…am I greedy? I don’t think so because it’s just that now Angie can pay for the dog’s insulin instead of letting her ex husband buy it so that’s that…he will probably still call all the time and he wants her back but Angie won’t ever go…he was an abusive alcoholic and cheated on her a bunch on the road as a truck driver.

On top of that, Angie is going to buy us a newer car with the backpay so that will be a big relief too…our cars are old and it’s just a matter of time before something big goes wrong.


happy for you @jukebox but can you two manage with two disabilities, sure hope so.

I never hear anything bad going on. Yeah, Angie!

I got a Buick LaCrosse 2006, had very little trouble with it, heated seats, leather, cruise, good A/C and good gas mileage. I love my Whitey.

Good news!

I’m happy to hear Angie’s disability will be coming through soon.


Congratulations @jukebox!
I’m happy for you both.


YAY! I just bought a ten year old Malibu in May. It’s a top of the line model so it’s fully loaded. Nicest car I’ve ever had. I don’t care that it’s ten years old, it doesn’t look it! I love it.

I don’t think you’re greedy. Your money situation has been really tight for a long time now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting some relief from that. And if Angie’s ex doesn’t need to be around, so much the better! :smiley:

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thank you everyone !! and thank you @anon39736208 that’s true.

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