New hope. clerical work

I don’t know what I’m going to do as for as working but I am thinking maybe a position in an office…that would best suit me.


Do you want my honest opinion?

You should get clued up with your local OVR

Ur in Oklahoma?

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what’s ovr? never heard of it.

Good luck with your office job I hope you enjoy

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What state are you in

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the closest office is oklahoma city…can’t drive there.

That’s ok . Just call them

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yes, I will…thank you.

Office politics can be tough but I liked the administrative work I did. If you start applying to office jobs, make sure to interview them as much as they interview you. Ask questions that help you to understand the office politics and attitudes toward things.

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Good luck getting a job that suits you. I tried several types of jobs. I like practical jobs best, although I can do office jobs too if it’s not for very long. Working in a shop for the last 12 years or so.

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