New hobbies

I think you’ll like this model @rogueone

Ordered it yesterday!

My employment specialist I have now told me I needed a practical hobby

For me this is a start

Anyone got anything they’re doing new hobby wise?


Yeah cool matey. It’s good to have something to do that is stimulating and helps you relax. It’s suprising how relaxing and meaningful painting little army men is. Lego kit looks awesome and interested in the end result! Very cool.

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I couldn’t do the stuff you do yet. This is a starting point

When I build things I like them to be perfect.

Painting is not my strongest skill! Maybe one day I can move to proper models

How much time a week do you spend on a hobby like this @rogueone ?

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I’m trying to spend more so aiming for an hour a day give or take. I’m still trying to add computer games too so that is an hour. I think that is a good amount to relax whilst doing all the other mad stuff I’m doing.

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I wish I could still play video games

Just don’t have the attention span.

The employment specialist said it’s like building a muscle, and to start somewhere and brain storm some ideas

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Yeah. I couldn’t read for years and before psychosis and meds I read 4 books a week. Now I read everyday but it took a lot to get there. Just one foot in front of the other but I at least read a chapter a day! Might do more but never less and it has been working…sometimes you need to force yourself to start.

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This is true.

One thing I want to do is learning another coding language, but we agreed it might not be healthy do have hobbies that are similar to my job.

Not sure though

The book thing sounds great!

What sort do you like?

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I’m reading a lot of things. Just finished @ZombieMombie 's first book and enjoyed that. Otherwise I have eastern philosophy…the Lao Tzu. Western Philosophy. Kant. Russian lit. Doysteyskvy the Brothers and Tolkiens Silmarrillion again. It’s on my kindle ( electronic ) but it’s a chapter a day at least!

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Wow, that’s some hard stuff to read!

I hope it finds its way to the screen

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Yeah…why I do it at least one chapter at a time…that philosophy is above my head so not sure I’m getting much out of it. The Lao Tzu is amazing. It’s just little snippets of living life. It’s kinda psuedo religious but I just like the philosophy out of it. Tolkien is amazing and a favorite I go back too.

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I have similar hobbies to rogueone, minus the videogames, which I can longer get into very easily either. I recently started painting miniatures. I am also slowly reading ZombieMombies book. I am about 65% done with it. I am also very slowly reading my CBT for dummies book. I have to do my reading in small chunks or I just can’t do it.


What’s Mombies Zombies book about?

It’s mostly about a zombie apocalypse. Appropriate right?


I don’t have as much time for my hobbies anymore. I really miss warhammer. The only thing I’m able to squeeze in at the moment is video games. I’m currently playing theough pokemon diamond on the switch

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