New Here Would Like Feedback

This is what I do for my SCZ in terms of diet/exercise

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Olive oil daily
  3. Green leafy vegetables daily
  4. Limit sugar & curcumin daily
  5. Mushrooms (2-3 serving a week) and nuts daily builds mental resilience

I do other (evidence based things) but I wanted to start with this to see what kind of feedback I get . . .


Welcome, you may want to include a probiotic every day

some believe it all comes from the gut.

but anyway, good list. hope this includes meds too.


People here have had gppd results with Lions Mane extract. I got mine from RealMushrooms on Amazon. Got rid of my anxiety and obsessive thoughts and auditory\tactile hallucinations.

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That’s a good list.

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It is a good list.

I’m getting into meditation, especially regarding brain waves. I use headphones to hear all of the sounds. I played a game of chess on the computer while meditating and won. I have never won on the same level otherwise.


I was just shopping for a probiotic and I am getting whiplash from all the choices. Is there a brand and dose that works for people?