New here! Advice on medication plz

Have not be properly diagnosed yet, but looking like psychosis mania ups and downs possibly schizophrenia going by what others have experienced but have been offered medication, ive read through a few posts but would be very grateful if I could have some personal advice,I am currently taking citalopram for anxiety and depression, and have been given the choice of Aripiprazole, Quetiapinre, or Lamotrigine.
I’ve read through the information leaftlest but a quick google brought me to here as I would like to know other people’s experiences with the medication.

sometimes it takes awhile to find what ‘feels good’ for you with medication.

I think I tried about 5 and the side effects were horrible.

When I went to Risperdal, I knew I found the right one for me.

Now I’m on Invega, or generic, Paliperidone.

Good luck.


@Daze is right it’s basically trial and error. Choose one and see how you feel if you feel improvement stick with if it, if the side effects are too great try the next one. It takes awhile sometimes. Good luck.


Quetiapine makes me extra hungry and I had to work hard to lose the weight I gained from it. It does help with anxiety and give me a great sleep. I take that and lurasidone for my psychosis. Haven’t tried the other ones

Quietiapine 25mg twice a day + 300mg at night. And a 100mg Depot Paliperdone Jab here.
Thats the drug combination that works for me. I benefit from the weight gain, cos my diet is bloody terrible and it gives me appeitite.

To me, like most - its just a learning curve, finding out which combo of drugs works for you.


@Daze is right, trial and error. I will say I’ve been on lamotrigine a long time with other meds and it helps me.


Quetiapine (seroquel) makes almost everyone sleepy and groggy. They use it to sedate people. You will sleep all day. I wouldn’t start with that one.

I liked quetiapine, it only knocked me out at night. Aripiprazole is also good for me.

Im on clozapine as its the gold standard of all the meds apparently! On it since 2007 and I find it removes anger and always have a feel good attitude. People often say to me too how am I so calm! Which I find really good as I am always doubting myself when I compare myself to others who aren’t on meds, I want my life to be as normal as others :slight_smile:

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Aripiprazole has been the best AP I’ve been on, as far as efficacy and getting no side effects from it. I get it in the form of depot shots. I take Lamotrigine, too, and get no noticeable side effects from that, good mood stabilizer for me.

It all varies from person to person, though.

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I’m on Invega Trinza 546mg and have been on the same dose and drug for 8 years. I’m currently looking into other options such as Latuda or Caplyta. I hear Caplyta has very few side effects compared to most of the other AP’s.

i find quetiapine can be quite good but in truth itss trial and error…

clozapine is supposed tp be the most successful.

Clozapine is the most effective but it also has the most side effects which is why it’s normally only used after other meds have failed.

@Naarai Amazing that you are not overweight. I am 70lbs over weight. I am on invega sustenna 50mg and trying to lose weight.
Do you eat really small amounts to stay thin?

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