New Genealogy thread

Nice graph, @firemonkey .


Archibald and Elizabeth had some daughters, too. I’m connected through his daughter Grizella and her husband Neil Dubh McNeill " Black Neil"


Hmm. . .

I Probably Am A Seed From Aliens.

They Planted A New Blade…, Of Grass…, For Thus Culture, Society, And Civilization. . .

I Rise In The Constellations Of Expansive Liberty.

Jus Kidding (!!!).

Maybe The Movie, ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Is A Documentary About My Life. . .

Sadness, Teardrop, Frown, Weepy Cry Cry

Why, Why, Why Oh!, Why And Such, So On, For As Of And Such… . …

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

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Not sure you’ll be able to see this family tree.

No,it isn’t letting me. There’s a way to add peopleto look but I don’t know how

^That’s a shame, it’s a really good family tree.

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I think you can invite people. I am under my husband’s accoubt, though.

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French Canadian is another distinct dialect. When I was in Belgium, everyone thought I was Canadian because I learned French from a Canadian and therefore use Canadian pronounciations.


Supposedly I have a relation to the Dionne quints as well as Native American on my mom’s side and mostly Scandinavian and such on my dad’s side.

I believe my dad’s side as my great grandmother would speak Finnish to me. Guess it didn’t stick. :joy:

The narratives on my mom’s side are just plain confusing.


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I mentioned the possible connection to the Earls of Argyll to my father, a few days ago. He couldn’t find the details but hoped it wasn’t the Campbells. That’s because he’s
been officially adopted into the Macdonald Clan and they are historic enemies!

Wow! That’s a weird coincidence.

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I’m an eldest daughter of a branch of a clan in Korea. My dad is the eldest son of the clan. But we are not direct descendants. I’m also a distant relative of a late Korean independence activist. A friend of mine joked that “greatness flows in my blood” because of that, which makes me very proud of my ancestors.