New Friends India

I am a 35 year old male from India…you can contact me on XXX…I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 11 years back…Please mail me if you would like to have me as a friend…


Hi there from America Illinois! Hope you’re doing well in India. It is so cold here in illinois, I live north of chicago and the weather sure has changed.

Anyways, maybe just stay on this website and get to know people that way?

I definatly contact u.bro i am from Nepal. My name is niraj…30 years old.i am on olanzapine 5mg along etaparm .dx as sz affect. Thanks.take care…

You should just participate on the forum here… you’ll become friends with most every one…

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Welcome to the forums - you’ll find that you can make many friends here. Generally people just interact here on the forums and get to know each other before they become email friends.

Please join in and participate in the conversations!

Welcome to this forum.

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Welcome! Keep on posting!

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