New experience

I open myself to new stuff and used groupon for a couple of time recently. I kinda like the idea. We tried fresh crabs last weekend. The experience is okay. But i mistook the shop for another one. The name is similar and they are on the same street. Luckily the crabs are good. The discount is above 25%.

I want to invent some new ideas and put it into real use. I believe it is fun. I think it is a rewarding experience trying to improve the life of everybody.


Great effort! I comipltely agree - its good to try new things, and its rewarding to try to improve the life of people.

In fact - you’re doing that right now by posting these ideas here and sharing your ideas.

Thanks! I can use the reminder.

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yum - seafood 15 characters

That sounds good! I’m allergic to seafood :weary: