New drug for schizophrenia?

This is my recent experience. Iam taking 2.5mg Olanzapine. I have psychotic symptoms no voices, or halucinations, but intrusive thoughts, change of moods, anxiety suicidal. I tried to quit Olanzapin several times with terrible outcome hospitalized suicidal, vomitting, anxiety and insomnia. This time I was put on Tranexamic acid during my period due to heavy bleeding. I found this med helping me. I quitted Olanzapine cold turkey and I had no withdrawals no mood changes, no psychosis and I could sleep. I try to understand why this tranexamic acid helps. It regulates Gaba and glycine receptors it inhibits production of inflammatory cytokines. It works like agonist at the glycine binding site of NMDA subtype of glutamate receptor. It increases glutamane receptors NMDA, Ampa, Kainat receptors. This med is used for heavy bleeding it should not be used longer than 7 days in row risk of stroke, blood cloths, seizure, vision loss or disturbances. Iam using as well supplement DMG which might act as partial agonist at glycine binding site of NMDA receptor. It helps me. I used before as well ltheanine. It helped me it increases Gaba and blocks glutamane receptors. So I would need somebody to help me underatand what I should do. Not sure if to increase Glutamate I could do that with 5htp and Glutamine. Then not sure about Gaba and glycine if to try to increase it too. I would need some neuro biologist to help with this. Now issue is tranexamic acid helps me, but I risk stroke. I can not take it further. Yesterday I had numb fingers and leg for some time. Then I took Aspirin as blood thinner and I have bit vision problem. Still I experience no withdrawals from Olanzapin while on tranexamic acid. I have no mood swings. Any ideas?I plan to finish tranexamic acid, but Iam not sure how to achieve maybe same results with vitamis. Do I need to increase glutamate, or Gaba, or glycine?Iam lost. Can somebody help or recommend somebody?
Thanks Alena

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That’s an ultra low dose. The recommended dose for schizophrenia is 10mg. That dose mightn’t be helping you.

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Glad Tranexamic acid has alleviated your withdrawals. Too bad it’s dangerous.

But you know it works and have some good theories as to why.

I think what you need to research is medications or supplements, that have the same actions of mechanism as Tranexamic acid, but without the stroke risk. Unfortunately I don’t know what those would be.

Either meds or supplements.

For example DMG looks good because it acts like an agonist at glycine binding site of NMDA receptor like tranexemic acid.

Now research supplements that work in the other ways Tranexamic acid does.

Hopefully that will help you.

Olanzapine is nasty and the withdrawals are awful. I’m still suffering from it after over a year. I was on 40mg.

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You could try switching to a more tolerable antipsychotic like abilify, newer medicines in trials supposedly have very different side effect profile

I tried Abilify is not good for me. I tried Quentiapine, Rispen, Amisulpride, Invega.

I too have a lot of unbearable side effects, just got to live with them and read as much research as possible

Praying for all of us that the newer medicines will be game changers.

You could try to get ulotaront when it releases

Yes you are right. I always ask myself why do I have to suffer in this life?