New drawing sCORE


I colour ugly :tired_face:

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You need to study color theory

You’re getting better

I like the coloring inside the letters and the letters themselves. I think it becomes a bit busy with the shapes around the letters, if you made the background simpler I think this would be better. If you take away the orange and the orange-red parts and make a simpler background that makes the green letters take the spotlight, I think this piece would be really nice! I like the green and yellow coloring a lot, but it clashes a bit with the red/orange-red, the pink fits though.

edit: you don’t color ugly from what I’ve seen, only this one is clashing a bit, but the last 5-6 I’ve seen from you have really nice coloring. You have the ability to color nicely with lots of colors, and that’s an impressive skill.

ye i think inside letter should be more light , like light blue, the contour cannot be seen.

when you zoom its good, but in zoom out it looks like you said clashing

idk what it says, is it a tag?

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no its piece, its letters scor

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I wouldn’t have known that just by looking, i cant see that very well tbh i thought the middle bit was a number 5