New-dity - shockingly new

My family was formal and very covered in their ways. I am not relaxed about nudity. Are you?

It depends. I’ve been skinny dipping before and it didn’t bother me. People swimming nude in a private pool at a party a few years ago. Didn’t bother me at all as I ended up making out with someone who was simming nude. Sometimes it can bother me. There was a bonfire party in my early 20’s where everyone got naked and danced around the fire. I did too. Then this geek came to one of our parties and had heard of people getting naked and persuaded people to. People ended up making out with each other including my ex girlfriend so I wasn’t happy with that. He just wanted to get some/see girls naked which wasn’t the point of the original nudity party.

My mother was very conservative. My friends were more conservative than my daughter’s father. Once at night, my boyfriend, bestfriend and can’t remember who else, went to my friend’s friend’s house, who had a pool. My boyfriend stripped and jumped in the pool, I was really embarrassed and I don’t think the people there, were too happy.


Not at all. I’ve never liked to show my body.

Sometimes I feel confident but most the time I’m afraid to be naked around people.

I would say I am about average. I will wear a swimsuit while swimming, shorts in summer and the like. Other than that, my wardrobe is almost entirely jeans and t shirts, though I do have some very dapper button ups to wear when I have something fancy to do.

At home, I just live with my SO. Nudity isn’t a big deal for me there. I’m usually in a longer Tshirt. He is always fully clothed though. He is body conscious:(

I have gone skinny dipping twice. I did feel uncomfortable with that but it was all good fun.

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nudity is hard for me. Like when in TV show there is a lof nudity it bothers me a bit and i’m always glad it’s over.

The fear of getting caught
Of recklessness and water
They cannot see me naked


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