New discovery: Humans are programmed

Learned being getting to understand what is programmed in us for future reference.

Look what you will in your chest region.

It’s set in stone that ■■■■.

You will will what you will and nothing else, it’s not even up to you what you will.

We are conscious living robotic biological lifeforms.

Try to will what you don’t will, it doesn’t work in the least, you can’t do it, you cannot break free from your predisposed will.

We never chose our will, it was simply there and we could never control it at all.

Can you turn off what you will, can you will what you don’t will, our wills are simply there and they aren’t even up to us. We’re floating around this place like we were charachters in a book, we’re like magnets basically.

the day is already here be good soil and then read scifi book and ull see what i mean

I think there are some people that have had real change in there life, me being a Christian I have witnessed great change in people including myself. I no longer make the same choices I did 6 years ago. God may have changed me, I’m sure he has,but not without my will and desire,free will. I may not have been able to change myself but I had the free will to recognize my wrongs ( no I think that is programmed to) OK maybe the desire for change. So you guys are mostly correct I agree we make the decision we do because of who we are,how we were programmed. Still I think there is a small amount of free will ,smaller than I have ever thought. For example it would be common sense to not do things that could effect you negatively seems were all programmed that way. But what about sacrifice people sometimes go against the grain or I would say programing to help others for no other reason than they decide to put someones interest Infront of their own.( OK I suppose they are programmed with more love than someone else) OK so the only free will we have is to ask God to change us or reprogram us. And I’m going to have to dwell on that for awhile.

Man my AP’s work good ,I don’t even have a

I am programmed, eh? well it could’ve been worse, like I could’ve been brainwashed. :frowning:

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I really need to stay consistent on the homework this week so i get everything done in time

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