New discovery: Humans are programmed

I am away because I have nothing to share. The good news is, I discover something really interesting.

Humans are programmed like robots. Unlike robots, humans still have free wills.
Humans are programmed so that they know they need to sleep, to eat and to drink. Even though with free wills, they still need to sleep, to eat and to drink- but they can choose when to sleep, what to eat and what to drink and how much.

The conclusion is our free wills could not exercise absolute freedom.

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I might be paranoid but I think there are people out there that control our thoughts through many ways. Psychically or mechanically whatever. We go to work but secretly we are digesting tons of data for these ppl. I don’t know what they use it for but I think it’s for bad reasons.

While I cannot rule out the possibility of “non-verbal” interaction between people, I think it is not healthy (and in fact, it’s scary) to think that people can control our thoughts.

Non verbal communications are absolutely real…why we have facial expressions and hand gestures…but telepathy has yet to be proven in the scientific community…


Science fiction may become non-fiction one day. :slight_smile:

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This is very true…I can think of a couple good examples of how it has already proven itself…but for now telepathy falls under the SciFi category…

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I anticipate the caller when my mobile phone is about to ring, is one of my experience.

Since 3G and 4G signals (or radiowave) can talk to machines (or gadgets), so there is possibility that our body organs can do the same miracles. For example, a few studies suggest that our physical hearts can emit electromagnetic waves.

Tis the season of the great programmer, merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

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Whatever u do is what ur gonna do anyway and u can’t change it.

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You don’t think we make choices or have different levels of will power?

I don’t think there is as much willpower as others do. I think we are being told what to do

Ur making a different choice includes itself in the “its going to happen”. EVERYTHING is going to happen. Murphy’s law might apply. We have free will but its limited by the bounds of our universe. If we could somehow see the multiverse that would expand it but still. Everything u touch see smell hear decide. Is going to happen. Me typing these words right now is what is happening in my perceived reality. I choose to type these words and i can choose not to but in the end i choose to type these words. Its what just happened

Yes but you could have decided not to respond and it would not have been typed and I would not have responded and you would have changed things. And this response would not have happened because of your choice you would have changed things,free will.

Idk free will seems more like a perception then a real law

Free will = choices. But for me, Free will = favorites.

Favorites? 15 15

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I am free to choose favorite color, favorite dessert, hobby, etc.
Not so much as choice in decision making.

Yea but your color choice could be because of how you perceive color? dessert could be based on taste buds? and hobby would be where your talents led you? All programmed into your brain as you grew up.

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So maybe the only choice we have is to do good that may result negatively to us or to do something we know is wrong that may be rewarding to us. Or the unimportant choice of two equally favorite things. Free will could really only come down to moral choices everything else could be as you say favorites that could be programmed or learned