New diet starting now

Instead of drinking coffee with tons of sugar and milk. I will drink it black. However it must be cold. I can’t drink black coffee hot only cold.

I drink like 5 cups a day like this so maybe I’ll lose some weight


Nah It just takes a little time to adjust to. You should have got used to coffee with just milk and no sugar first and then switched to black


I used to have milk or cream and two sugars with my coffee but I gave up the sugar and I’m a vegan now so I have soy milk instead of cow milk or cream.

I met a guy who had honey in his coffee instead of sugar.
As a vegan I don’t eat honey either but that’s how he quit/swapped sugar in his coffee for honey.

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I’ve done that before I’ve been spoiling myself with the sugar lately lol. I used to use sugared creamer too that’s the best. I just will make a pot the night before and drink it cold in the morning. Maybe come winter I can drink it hot with milk.

Is honey much healthier??? Sounds like a good alternative. But I notice I have a belly but nowhere else I look fat I think it’s because all the sugar in coffee maybe

Try stevia or monk fruit with coffee, you can also use unsweetened almond milk. Barely any calories there.


He thought so but probably not healthy still.

When I gave up sugar in my coffee it did take a while to get used to it but now I’m used to it.i still love a occasional caramel latte.

I think if you have that many coffees a day you should notice weight loss/improved health.

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black coffee messes with my stomach…think I’ll make a pot…I love coffee !!


I guess it’s just gonna be no sugar for me. I can drink it with milk when it’s hot. Milk ain’t so bad for you anyways. I’ll get low fat. But no mas azucara!!


This diet seems to be effective for me. I’m still 165 which is only 1 pound less but I look a lot more thin. I think it takes more than a few days to see a difference in weight but I feel great

Milk is really good for you and you don’t even have to go low fat. The fats in milk are relatively good and I’ll keep you from craving bad fats

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I drink it black. It’s the healthiest way.:+1::+1:

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