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So, my therapist wants me to consider whether I might have schizoaffective disorder. I’m very happy with this therapist and I respect his opinions, but I can’t seem to get a good understanding of this disorder. The thing that throws me off is that I’m never manic, only depressed or ok… and I’m never symptom-free…
Can someone explain the difference between sz and sza?

I was never manic. Always depressed and always psychotic for many years. Yet I was always sza bipolar type. Yeah I don’t understand diagnosis. Sometimes I think the doctors just have a “feeling”. My therapist once said I’m not flat and too much emotion or something to be sz.

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I’m pretty intense sometimes and have a lot of expression when I talk about things to my therapist. But I’m absolutely never manic.
I don’t have a lack of expression at all, but that’s just one of the symptoms of sz that not everyone has.
I told him that I guess changing my diagnosis doesn’t really matter as long as we’re working on managing symptoms, but I’m just having a hard time understanding this one.

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Sza can be just as difficult as sz. I think it’s case contingent in a lot of ways. You would think sza would be worse. Some people say sz is more severe. However I believe every case is unique. And we shouldn’t compare too much anyways. But they are similar, both very debilitating and require the same treatments.

My pdoc is open to depression treatments for me. With naltrexone and abilify. And even Zoloft and klonipin too are also calming for me. My mania/psychosis is in control.

Sometimes I have mood issues still. But my psychosis is only my chosen one delusion which comes and goes but doesn’t affect anyone’s life besides me own and maybe some people who I talk to it about.

But I’m not like in appropriate. I guess I’ve learned to live with this delusion. Is what I’m saying. Right now It’s very non apparent. I don’t believe it at all. However that could change. However I haven’t thought I was “Jesus” in many moons. But I still think I’m destined for greatness at times.

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I also often think everybody hates me so much. Even my friends who love/like me are very judging /non forgiving of me. However today I woke up without this paranoia anymore. Maybe because yesterday I came to great conclusions about my purpose.

Greatness doesn’t have to mean world famous. Being destined for greatness is very plausible. You’re destined to be great, which really you are already, and to do great things, which could be helping those around you. Not really delusional when you put it in perspective.
I don’t know why I’m struggling with this new idea, of sza. It really doesn’t matter. I’m still just struggling with the same issues and finding ways to manage.
Thank you for your input, @Jonnybegood

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People suck. I hate the judgements too. I’m glad you’ve refocused. :heart:

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There are different types of schizoaffective disorder, I think there are two but could be wrong.

There is schizoaffective bipolar type and schizoaffective depressive type. I have depressive type.

Schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder are technically two separate illness, but schizoaffective is basically schizophrenia with a mood disorder. They also say schizoaffective has a better prognosis for some reason, although I’m not sure why.

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I’m not concerned with diagnosis. I’m nuts and need medication. I accept that and live with it the best I can.

Mine is depressive as well. I went so very many years of no diagnosis. I was high functioning enough to keep secrets. When I finally was diagnosed with sz and I learned more about it, it was actually comforting because I had never heard my experiences described before. I had never “met” people like me before this forum.
I think part of my issue with sza is that it feels like being ousted from a place I was comfortable to a place I don’t know again.

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