New Diagnosis Today

… And I’m trying not to dwell on it.

What is it? If the treatment works, don’t worry too much about the dx

I have “undefined schizophrenia” or something to that tune. This is my first schizophrenia diagnosis. PTSD is mixed in there, too.

Unspecified sz, I think. That’s not too bad. :slight_smile: At least you have a dx!

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD as well… sucks.

Totally Totally @Minnii

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Hi @PeteQ I have schizophrenia too.

It’s not so much the diagnosis that matters, it’s the treatment that matters.

Do you take medication? I’ve tried a lot of different medications over a year and am settled on the one I am on now.

I currently take 15mg ZyPrexa, 3mg Risperadol, and 1200mg lithium.

they are right the diagnosis doesn’t matter as long as the treatment helps. I was re diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder depressive type with ptsd

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Do you find the medication to be helping you?

My psychiatrist talked about putting me on lithium a couple of weeks ago. I’m dead set against it. I was put on lithium when I was misdiagnosed as bipolar in my twenties and it made me feel terrible. I don’t want to go on it again.

The medication is allowing me to have less symptoms. It puts me in a good place, even though I break away from that sometimes. But overall, I’m having a good mix of good and bad days.

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I don’t mind the lithium

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That’s great news! If this keeps up you should have a nice recovery!

Thanks! That’s the plan

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