New diagnosis - still waiting for case worker


Paranoid schizophrenia
Dissociative identity disorder
And severe cocaine addiction

I am trying to get the SSDI process going but I am a little lost … And broke. I keep getting told to get a lawyer but I can’t afford one. I did get setup with my meds again though



I had no idea you were addicted to cocaine. That might be whats causing half of your problems. Why do you need a lawyer?


I agree the cocaine is probably causing a lot of your problems. Have you tried NA or CA? If you decide to get a lawyer they wait until you win your case and then take their fees out of your back pay. I didn’t need a lawyer to get SSD. On the application write like your worst day happens every day. Don’t lie, but don’t say everything is fine. I was approved the first time I applied, but I have had a lot of hospitalizations. The drug addiction can help you get it too. Can you get unemployment benefits? Good luck. :sunny:


I havn’t used cocaine in over 7 years


I didn’t use a lawyer either. I was told you only need one for an appeal. Like SunGirl said when they ask you what your day is like tell them about your worst days, but don’t lie.


I wish you well @sasha - Is the gabapentin for anxiety?


I’m not sure, but I think you can pay a lawyer out of the back pay you get when you start SSDI. They start from the time you first apply, and pay you back pay for the length of time it takes for them to approve your claim. For example, if you first apply, say Oct. 2014, and you get your first check May 2015, you get back pay for the time it took to approve your claim. In this hypothetical case, you would get eight months back pay. I don’t know how it works, but maybe you could pay a lawyer out of that. It might be worth it.


Don’t get a lawyer unless you’re turned down. They will take a huge chunk of your back pay.


Yes it is for anxiety


This must be all so overwhelming however try to look at it as steps in the right direction. With the proper diagnoses comes hopefully the right treatment. I hope things start to look up for you soon.


Thank you. I hope I am on the path to getting better. I completed my SSDI application, hopefully that process is quick.


@sasha, My SSDI case took 4 months to complete, but I hounded them.


How did you hound them?


@sasha, I went to my local office, got the 866 phone number for them, and called them once a month to check on my case’s progress. I got a helpful rep who told me my case was approved 2 months before I received my Letter of Award. Apparently, since I live in Phoenix, my packet was sent to San Francisco to docs out there to review it. As I called, I was told they were working their way through the pile of petitions, then they told me it got approved. I have no idea if the reps in Tulsa will be so helpful, but I recommend going to your nearest branch (which may be in OKC) and getting their number.


I will defiantly do that. Thank you.


Good luck with getting social security. I got lucky I got it in a few weeks and recently been approved again. They reevaluate me every couple of years to make sure I’m still disabled. I’m a nervous wreck during that couple of months.