New diagnosis (depersonalization)


What a terrible illness it is. Along with multiple illness I have this one. This illness is like your living outside of your body in control of nothing. It’s like your watching your life through your eyes in no control of your body or speech. For 2.5years I have thought I was possessed by a demon. The only treatment they know of is a serotonin uptake, which ironically I was given a serotonin uptake medicine about 3 days ago before knowing of this illness.


The most known cause of it is drug use. I’m so damn depressed living like this you can’t even imagine what it is like



i’m so sorry ur having such a hard time hunny/ hugs. xxx if u ever need to chat, feel free to pm me. xxx


i am genuinely sorry you are going through this, if i could take your pain away i would, know that some one cares.
take care


Interesting. After what you describe I might suffer from this too.


I have often thought that whatever I write or say is actually controlled by some sort of subconscious ‘process’ outside of my control and created by my voices so that I am merely a physical being that sees and hears…


@firemonkey thank you for the website