New dad adjusting

Hello to all skitzobugz… I learn some of the best information from personal experiences by people on this forum. I got the DNA test in progress. They are sending me a home swab kit, and they are sending it to my son also. For personal knowledge only. Long way I got to go before I actually end up seeing him in person. It will be very expensive for me. Well I have contact, we skyped I saw him, but I don’t think he saw me because of skype camera malfunction. His Aunt said he was excited. And I sent them some support yesterday western union. I talked with him on the phone. Very respectful sounding young man. But he is behind in school, and I don’t know why. I heard he plays basketball. That is nice since I ball a lot with children in my neighborhood and we play games. He wanted a tablet so he could communicate with me at any time. But I told him that it was expensive and that he would have to have his aunt start him a bank account manage his money and save. So far it has been contact between me and his aunt mainly. It won’t come naturally what it is I have to say to him. I told him I love him and I think he is happy he has a dad now.


This sounds great! I wouldn’t have advised a DNA test though. You would just both be crushed if it turned out you weren’t related and this is sounding like a great thing for both of you.

Yes. But I must face reality. Yeah well, it must be done. We can get all cozy with each, and then find out… he’s not related. I have paranoia that he isn’t. And it kills me. But the results will be a blessing either way.

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