New Coil - New Flavour

I just changed my vape’s coil and added a new flavour - fruit punch.
It is good too, I like it.

It has a strange raisin taste though… :o)

I went shopping and bought some stuff if my friends come over. I bought chips and chocolate and some frozen food.
I bought ice cappuccino. I like it!

Then I got drive through Tim Hortons and bought two chicken caesar salad for tonight and tomorrow. I wondered when taking the order, if they would do any mistake as all the time they have the wrong item or something missing. I came home and opened to eat my salad and it did not have chicken :frowning: I paid 4 or 6 bucks extra for chicken and both salads are lettuce with cheese. I don’t know if they have shortage of employees or what?

Anyway. I am feeling a lot better


I would call them about the chicken. I’d be upset.

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yeah I was angry but they are always like this. It is my mistake to go there and buy food anyway. It is very rare for them to get an order right. Terrible customer service. What am I gonna do? Call them, maybe drive there, take the salad back, ask for a refund and then what?

I just ate some chocolate cake and took my med.

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Did you change it or did you have the store modify it? I don’t know much about vaping, but anyone who vapes should read about exploding vapes and how to avoid it.

:flushed: I changed it. The guy who I bought from, showed me how to do it and I did that. He just told me to make sure no water gets in. I will research the explosion :flushed:

Chocolate cake heals many wounds.


Glad to hear you’re doing better serene. Fruit punch sounds good I haven’t tried that flavor. About vape exploding, it is true some vape have exploded, usually when it seems hot it is best to let it cool down.

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yeah I read online. Apparently it is the battery. So mine is built in rechargeable. If something happens to my face, it will be a world wide disaster :smiley: Ah I just smoke very few times in a day anyway. But will watch out for the heating.


Yeah mine has a built in battery as well. It hasn’t blown up in my face yet luckily, fingers crossed. If you’ve seen pictures of it, it does look pretty bad, people with burnt splotches on their face… I sure hope that doesn’t happen to us.

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Interesting. A vape that produces a fruit punch flavour. It’s better than second hand smoke… that’s for sure.