New coat problems

Big coat. Should be just right for the autumn/winter months if only i could zip it up but it takes me 50-60 tries each time! I end up getting frustrated and stressed and want to scream.
Fancy having difficulty zipping something up. How effing stupid. I’m an idiot.
Waste of over £50.

Does anyone else get stressed when they have difficulty with something? Something that for most people would be simple.

You are not an idiot. Hand eye coordination can be difficult for a lot of people. My husband needs help sometimes with zippers because his eye sight is not so good and he has big hands. He gets frustrated easily about things like this. Just breathe. Try not to rush yourself.

All the time. All The Time. I’ve had problems with zippers as well. So does my Dad when he’s tired and he’s not wearing his glasses. The one that gets me too is this damn electric tin opener that some one gave us. If the tin doesn’t go in just right, it messes everything up. I was really getting upset with it but the kid sis can’t work it either. It’s the most fuzzy, needless thing. I use a normal hand crank tin opener.

The problem is i struggle to align the sliders. I had electric tin opener once. I prefer the hand ones.

Same here. There was one coat where the zipper was just broken enough, it would never align. The zipper would stick. The kid sis took it back and they gave me a new one. So for that one time I could honestly say, it wasn’t me. There are so many little gadgets that malfunction and make me feel like in idiot all the time.

There is this tool at work it all mechanical for digging specific sized holes. I think it’s stupid. My view is beginning to catch on. I use a shovel and a tape measure for holes. By the time someone can get this dumb thing set up, programed, moved into place, primed, turned on… I’m almost finished digging the little hole in the first place.

cant you just take it back and get a refund? or maybe take it to an alterations shop and he could put toggles on it for you or something, must be something you can do.

Can’t take it back got it off Amazon. It’s aligning the sliders to get the teeth through. It doesn’t help that it’s so fiddly(for me) and my manual dexterity isn’t good.

When i laid it flat on the bed it was easier to zip up. It’s not something i’m going to be able to go somewhere take it off and easily zip up again. Unless there are beds lay it flat on. :roll: