New but old couldn't post to you far cry

If you’re following a friend in car to get there

You just plug them into GPS and follow them turn for turn


Hey Daze see i am lil worried about my Sz…i have severe cognitive dysfunction and my negative symtoms are really hard hitted…so i see medication are the only key…i want to do something in my life…My parents forces me to work that i cant…!!! so i take good information from u guys and google …i can see u really enjoying ur life i like ur avatar pics u look good when u smile…I have nothing to say to u guys…i want to see ur creativity…have u stopped painting …i want to see it…A big shout out to your son and daughter …keep smiling like ur profile pic I smile cuz u make me…!!!

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Oh honey thank you. I will.

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The current comment on your post about bill Gates is total ignoreland.

Where is my daughter?

she may be in collage right,???..

She’s in Costa Rica.

Need her.

she looks out for me.

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She look beautiful Daze…!!!
one day i will talk to ur daughter and son too…!!!

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