New Book, but will get the other one you suggested

I picked up “Peace, Love and Healing,” by Bernie Siegel, M.D. tonight and I read the first chapter.

It’s on bodymind, communication and the path to self healing. I found it interesting that these peptides our brain excretes through the body a lot is centered in the gut, and that’s where the term “gut reaction” comes from, the brain is actually helping us make that decision for us, it’s a mode of survival, and a strong will to live.

I think I’m really going to like this book.

Day 2 no beer.


Stay strong @Daze.

I’ll be going teetotaler for at least a week.

You’re going to be fine.


A slightly older book (1998) - why did you buy it?

Sometimes it’s good to stick with the classics.



I had a Barnes and Noble gift card, and was in their store, and the selection was very limited. I picked it up after @notmoses suggested tuning into the mind and body connection.

I also learned so far that emoters do better, than those you internalize everything, so everyone, please post away everything you are feeling, or better yet, get a journal,

do a blog, do talk therapy, it really does help you in the long run.