New Android Toy to play with

Saw one of these on sale in my Facebook feed, so I scooped it:

The price was down to 29.99 when I grabbed it. I had been watching it for a couple of months, but the price hadn’t dipped below $44.00 before. They had a sale I couldn’t resist. I’m going to replace the Nexus Player in our living room. I’m just not happy with it.

Anyone else like playing with Android boxes?

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I got my projector… which is more or less an android box but its back at 4.2…

It looks good up to maybe 7 feet… it aint 4k… at 15 feet its a bit low-res looking

it’s odd that its display uses a diamond grid vs a square one… but it does project… movies look pretty good…

video games do not.

Was looking to get a reflective panel of some kind to improve the contrast… but I haven’t a dime to spare this month.

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■■■■ though… for 40$ that aint bad at all…

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