Never worn this much make up - photoshoot


Oh. Wow. They say folks should appear natural when wearing make up.

You are stunning head-turner! Innocent, brainy, compelling, haute, and well quite Ish.


Wow people may hire you with one look. :wink:

You look awesome Ish!

Very professional @anon80629714 - nice photos

Wow Ish… those are very professional looking photos.

I hope you don’t mind me saying… you look very pretty.

you are a beautiful woman @anon80629714

Maybe make up would help me?



i always have the same hairstyle and hardly wear make up my brother told me to do this hairstyle more often lol

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It’s a hot hairstyle and some confident expression…your normally confident?

Lol the photographer had to force those smiles out of me. I was like I’m not showing my teeth he told me he wAsnt hearing any of it.

You look gorgeous, if you don’t mind my saying so.

Lavender is good on you