Never make proclamations to owen. haha. a short story of my youth

so i had this friend in high school named owen. he liked tara, and one night we were hanging out and talking and i told him i wasnt into her and that i could never date her as i didn’t think she was my type. anyways about 4 months later, tara and i were dating briefly and he made fun of me relentlessly haha.

then later on we went to college together. he got me a job at fazoli’s, the pasta place. i worked there a month and had been to a meeting where they proclaim the employee the month. i didn’t think much of the place and one night when drinking i told owen, if they ever make me employee of the month, i will walk out of the meeting and never return to work. you see, i had big plans for myself, and taking pride in being employee of the month at fazoli’s didn’t seem like something i had instore for my life. sure enough a couple months later they made me employee of the month, and i accepted the $25 dollar gift card to target and stayed there for another 6 months. owen laughed at me again and i wondered if he put the managers up to it. anyways i learned not to make proclamations to owen after that haha.


Great story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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in college owen and i started what we referred to as “the annual” which was a month in the summer where we fry a pound of bacon each morning in our prized possession “the skillet” which we borrowed from the neighbor and never returned haha. then we would drink beer all day. we had a pet mouse we fed doritos, when it died we gave it a wake. the annual was supposed to be a yearly tradition, every july, where we would get together for a month. but i broke it off, when i quit drinking.

owen ended up travelling the world working as a bartender, he was in hong kong a couple years ago, but last i heard he moved to brooklyn, new york. probably hurting for work now with covid. in his youth he was under the influence of hunter s thompson.

haven’t seen him in 10 years, last time was at dave’s wedding.


Great Stories. Thanks for sharing. Makes my life ruddy boring! lol :smiley:

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