Never heard back from the clinic today

Going to wake up early and call again. Maybe I can get in with someone, like a nurse, though it’s not likely on such short notice. I already told my boss to find someone else to work my shift tomorrow, no way I can handle the pharmacy the way I’m feeling.

I’m still sleeping fine, so that is a good sign. When I stop sleeping it is time for the hospital, because that means I’m already going off the deep end. The hospital is not really an option, more of a last resort. This could still be handled outpatient at this point.

I smoked a Black & Mild leading up to teaching today, pretty much had to do something to calm myself down enough to do that. I have enough to deal with right now.

Hope they get back to you soon. Sounds like you are having a tough time.

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Yeah, I can hope. My dr will be in tomorrow, so a nurse could talk to her between her appointments. There’s really no chance of me getting in with my dr, unless someone cancels.

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Do meds help or are you treatment resistant?

Meds help, but apparently the Abilify shot is not enough right now.

Maybe you’d do better on two APs? I see a lot of people on here take more than one.

I used to get the Abilify shot too, but it gave me akithesia so I switched to the pill. Something about there being too much of the shot in my system right after I got it.

Are you towards the end of your dose? Maybe it’s wearing off…

No, just got it last Tuesday. Yeah, I’m hoping my dr will prescribe a second AP.

I’m going to head over a friend’s house. It’s getting late, about 10:30pm here, but it might help.

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I was going to say that now might not be the best time to quit smoking. You don’t need any further stress.

Try and get a dr. not a nurse. I always go in with intentions to be assertive and somehow run out of steam and end up having a conservation with my nurse about the weather etc. I need to be more assertive to get to talk to the dr and actually get my meds sorted as I have been a bit off track the last few weeks. Good luck with your scheme to get an appointment ASAP. T.

Yeah, I couldn’t get in with my dr, she books two months in advance. They have lost drs, down to only two or three for the whole clinic. I’ll be seeing a nurse in an hour, though, maybe something can be done.

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I’m glad you were able to get in with a nurse at least. Good luck getting everything sorted! Which AP are you hoping for?

Something strong and fast-acting. I never liked taking Haldol when I was on it before, due to the risk of TD, but I don’t even care about that right now, I’m down to try it again. We’ll see what my dr does when the nurse talks to her.