Never give up

If you’re tired, learn how to rest but never give up.

This is nice to say but… i think i will give up someday. When my parents (my main support) couldn’t help me anymore.

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You don’t have brothers, sisters or other family members that could help you?

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Nope. I have sisters but they wouldn’t help me at all.

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You can always get financial help from the gov. with disability benefits.

It’s a possibility. But it would be a big reality change. I don’t know how i would react…

Maybe you can try to assume that from now on…

Can´t you get benefits from social security now?

Disability payments don’t have to be permanent. I’m on them until I graduate and go to work. I still have symptoms now and then but I handle it. I recommend you apply so you can get some income while you work on getting better. It’s not a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

I hear you, almost near that point now

@Mountainman it’s time to consider going on benefits/government assistance/whatever it’s called there.

I know you’re moving now so that’s causing you extra stress.

There’s always a better way than giving up.

That goes for you too @Greenmind !


Definitely look into benefits if you haven’t already @Greenmind . Having a little money to be able to go get coffee / buy jeans etc makes a huge difference in your quality of life. Don’t expect to be able to buy your own car or go on holidays etc - but having some personal freedoms is a big game changer. They won’t give benefits to you if you aren’t appropriate, so don’t feel guilty or “unworthy” about about applying for them.

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