Never fall in love again prod by novembr

She blew me off 2x in one day. Maybe an overreaction the chorus. But im happy about this song a lot.


Im sorry this happened to you Gratitute. I think you shouldnt contact her anymore.

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Yeah that’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to. Thanks.

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You are not the only one that had something like this happen to you.

Sounds like you dodged a bullet there @Jonnybegood

@Jonnybegood It seems to me this woman is not a responsible person. You should thank her for not turning up otherwise you will waste time on her.

Sorry this happened to you man. There are others out there for you.

They say emotional pain leads to great music and I think theres something to that because this track is one of your best. Great job dude!!

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Mate. You’ve got to put yourself out there if your going to find that special person. So this one didn’t work. Might be the next one is the lady of your dreams…

Keep trying to meet people as it’s a game of numbers. More people you meet the better your chances of finding someone compatible. Sorry this one seems bust!


She blew me off 2x in one day

And you’re saying this is a bad thing?



Just wondering what @everhopeful @anon40653964 think of this song. @SpacemanInvader ??? U here???

Nice rhyming scheme. You’ve improved a lot since I first heard you. You’re now able to rhyme some entire sentences and not just one word of the sentence. That’s pretty cool. Not all rappers do that, especially nowadays. I think hooks are kinda tough. I don’t think I could write a catchy hook. I think there is a bit of room for improvement on your hook here. The rhyming is great though! The lyrics tell a bit of a story about you. That’s always good. So long as you keep improving and enjoying what you do. You definitely have been improving.

As for that lady, it’s her loss. I’m sure you can meet someone who will appreciate you more and not blow you off.

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Wow, this is legit. I listened to all of it.

■■■■ bitches that dont reconize your value bro

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I listened to all of it. It’s incredible that you can produce something like that so quickly. It’s something most people have said to themselves at some point too.

But I have to agree with @anon94176359 . I too think you dodged a bullet on this.


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