Neurosurgeon Today


I went to the neurosurgeon today, and he is ready to operate on my back.

Everyone I have been to see about my back pain is wondering why I broke my back. People question whether I am covering up a car accident, for example. Alternately, my family doctor ordered a bone scan, but it took awhile to schedule that.

The surgeon I saw today wants to wait until the results of the bone scan are in. That is, I get the bone scan on February 11. Therefore, we have made a date for the surgery as of February 20th.

Interestingly, the surgeon said if I were his patient, he might have prescribed me twice as much pain medicine as my family doctor prescribed. He says I’m not on that high a dose, and I keep saying it barely touches the pain.





Get well soon, Jayster.

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I wish you get well soon.

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I can not imagine how your even able to sit and write with out going through the roof. I am in awe of your pain threshold. How are you doing with the day to day of just getting up and sitting and standing.

If I had the injury you have I would be a mess.

I really hope you feel better soon. Sending as many good vibes as I can.

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Sorry to hear that…I think you’re on the road to recovery though, getting to a doctor. Find you a good TV show and binge watch the whole series while you’re off work! Take advantage of some time off! There’s a bright side to this, I think.

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Hopefully you back problems well be over with soon after the surgery. I think getting hooked on pain medicine is more of a personality problem with people who want to take them for the buzz.

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I hope you feel better soon, you most likely will feel better after the surgery

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get well soon jayster xxx

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I woke up up on January 16 with back pain. Girl Friend finally got me to go to the ER, and they saw the fracture on their MRI and CAT Scans.

The nice thing about “planning” a trip to the ER is that I took off all jewelry before I went and got myself into sweat pants.

Happily, James is wrong in that the pain is not constant. Sitting at the key board, for example, doesn’t hurt too much. But my mind is just enough fried to not want to read or write too much.

I got a call from my family doctor’s office today that my brother had called them wanting to talk to my doctor, and they wanted to run that by me. I didn’t have to ask which brother it was and I did okay it! But it was not something I was expecting! I wonder if they got together what they spoke about?


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Glad you’re not in too much pain, Jayster. Here’s to a speedy recovery! :wink:



Hope you get better soon. Good luck with the surgery.

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i`m sorry too hear that jay.
yet i do not fully understand why you got in that circumstance,
aka the broken back.

yet i wish you all the best.

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I am also sorry you are in such pain jayster. i’ll keep you in mind in my prayers for a speedy recover.


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Good luck Jayster. I hope everything turns out alright.

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The back is a lot better! Because I had a good day today, I took my garbage to the dumpster and pumped my own gas.

I’m going to the Family Doctor tomorrow because I’m almost out of pain pills, and I’m really hoping he does NOT choose to lower the dosage based upon I can move so much easier.


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Hope it’s not to late to wish you get through all of this with flying colors and return to “your normal” self soon.
Hope you the best!

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Good job going to a specialist, in my experience, family drs are weird like that. No painkillers and if they do, not the right amount; no antianxiety meds etc. They just really aren’t equipped to deal with pain management or mental health. They are there to check bloodwork, weigh you, give you a physical and that is pretty much it in my experience. I kept getting reffered to other people. Weird. I hope you get what you need for the pain good luck in your recovery!!

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