Neuroscientists Say This Is The Most Relaxing Song In The World

Stressed about the election season? Well, luckily for you, and the entire U.S. population, scientists believe they may have identified the most relaxing song in the world.

Music has forever been associated with bringing about relaxation, happiness, and serenity—whether it’s a Gregorian chant or some Enya accompanied by a glass of merlot.

Neuroscientists in the United Kingdom believed they have found the one song that relieves stress and soothes our soul more than any other.

Mindlab International, a market research firm, conducted a study a few years back in which participants completed difficult (and possibly stressful) puzzles while their brain activity was monitored. To study its effect, music was played as they completed the puzzles.

This might belong in the Lounge.

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Here is the song if u wanna skip link:

-really trippy

Wow, I like it. There seem to be too many layers to be considered most relaxing, just my opinion. It is chill, though.

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really doesn’t come relaxing for me til the piano comes in at 2:00

I think this is more relaxing

off the top of my head

Have to disagree. Marconi Union’s is more relaxing as it is ambient with no lyrics and no drumming. This song is upbeat and will distract people while doing puzzles.

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