Does anybody have any advice on this
Have sharp pain and numbness on my muscles
By the way
Hi everybody :slight_smile:

You definitely need to speak to a doctor. That sounds serious.

Have you had a nerve conduction study done yet? I think that is one of the first steps.

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I have
They didn’t find anything…
It’s because it comes and goes in waves…

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Sometimes my legs give out on me and I fall to the ground
I get shocks all over my body
I need to get my insurance transferred right now
I was seeing a neurologist and pretty close to solving all of this…
But since covid I was thrown out of orbit…

I’m curious to see if anybody has gone through this…

I had numbness in my arms when I was accidentally put on 2 medications that interacted badly. It was messing with my blood pressure, though, not my nerves. I have low blood pressure anyways, and the meds would give me orthostatic hypotension. So when I stood up, or raised my arms above my head, my heart just couldn’t keep up.

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