Neurologist appt Friday - tips needed

So Friday morning, I have an appointment with my neurologist. I haven’t seen him in 2 months. Last time he saw me I was seizure-free. Now that’s not the case. I will be perfectly honest and say that I have not been taking my anticonvulsants as prescribed. In fact, I haven’t been taking them at all. I guess there’s only one person to blame for that. Need to get back on the horse and get those meds into me. Anybody have any tips or suggestions as to how I should approach this appointment? He’s very friendly and understanding.

Be honest with him. Listen to him. Take your medication as prescribed. Ask questions, tell him your fears.


My major fear is I will be driving along one day and then WHAM I’m in a serious accident.

You mean an accident because of a seizure? I don’t think they let epileptics drive.

Or are you just afraid of driving in general and it has nothing to do with what medication you’re on?

I’m not sure what the state-specific guidelines are, but epileptics can drive.

This is for my state, AZ. Note at the bottom, there is no physician mandate to report epileptics.

Ahh, yes, each state is different.

Can you get someone to drive you?

My husband suffers from epilepsy and I drive him around.

So do you also suffer from epilepsy? What kind of seizures do you get? My husband gets the grand mal ones where he loses consciousness and gets convulsions. That’s why he can’t drive, and so I drive for him. Sometimes he does drive, but I never feel completely safe then, always got to keep an eye on him.