Neurological symptoms of schizophrenia

I dont know how much epilepsy is connected to schizophrenia. My mom had stress-induced seizures related to it but she’s doing better now. I have constant tinnitus but Im learning ways to heal the frequency of sound that I hear internally. In fact, looking back that was one of the first signs of my illness beginning was the stress in school, the constant fatigue. then I started having tinnitus, I also had that when I was six years old after a serious cold and ear infection.

I am wondering if I should seek a neurologist, and perhaps they could answer more questions than a casual psychiatrist who doesn’t know anything about the biological or internal aspects that could play into a so-called neurodegenerative disease: schizophrenia. I know members have tried TMS for depression, but maybe that is a clue to how trauma and nerves relate to this.

Are there any success stories related to TMS, holistic medicine for neurotransmitters, like B vitamins and folate, or are there ways to repair and regenerate nerve tissue like myeline or grey matter so that the stress doesnt keep happening? Or is it something epileptic happening in the front of the brain, viral or otherwise?

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