Neuro Feedback for treating symptoms

i have had schizophrenia since college. i am now 51. i also suffer from Graves Disease and Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. many of the anti-psychotics that i have tried either have not worked, have had too many side effects (so much so that i could not function), or they have interfered w/ my other diseases.

for the past 15 years, i have been on Clozapine. i have taken as much as 500mg a day to as little as only 100mg a day. i must say that i take a battery of other psych meds w/ it. i take Lamictal and klonopin for my OCD, and (a new one) Brintellex for depression. i have worked very closely w/ my current psychopharmacologist for 14+ years now. he has been a life savor. over the years we have had to “tweak” my meds from time to time. some have stopped working, while others just needed their dosages to be either increased or decreased.

for the past year, he has worked w/ me on neuro feedback. he puts a cap (like a swimming cap) on my head and puts in some conductor fluid in the little holes all around the cap. i wear headphones with strange music and i watch a video screen, while he sits behind me and watches a monitor of my brain (and brain waves). this tells him which parts of my brain are not functioning properly, and he is able to somehow stimulate these ares and alter them during the session. i know this may sound totally crazy ( NO PUN INTENDED) , but since i have been doing this, my symptoms have significantly decreased. after all these years feeling “out of it” and far from “normal,” i am finally able to find some peace of mind and some relief.

has anyone else out there had this kind of treatment? and, if so, what is your story?


good on you…what ever works for you…keep doing. :heart:
take care :alien: