Neural nets taking math exams

I pondered this when I was learning precalculus. There are so many programs out there already to solve these sort of equations I would often wonder why I should learn it myself. Developing the style of abstract thinking was the biggest benefit I could see.

I think in the near future the whole curiculum in schools will be uppended due to technology getting to the point where it does everything for you. We will become a world of managers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Programs writing programs, programs hacking programs, programs defending programs. I mean some of this is happening already in small steps but its going further everyday.

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Yes, and eventually programs will become taking our salaries too.

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Honestly the evolution of technology has the power to infinitely improve the lives of humans.

However if used improperly we could all be ■■■■■■■

But robots are cool and maybe we can be friends

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hopefully it frees us up to do other creative things

yes the potential for bad is also big. so hopefully it gets used properly

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There is a certain thrill of possible discovery. Here is my reaction.

That was a clear explanation, which is less common about math. I got a few of the basic concepts. Yes, techonology can be both good and bad. For example, fire keeps us warm but can burn you (good and bad). I think most of the advances of science come with benefits and a negative side. If we are lucky (?) the results will be an improvement. Perhaps it matters what your motivation is and if you are ethical. You might form a team with experts to think through possible ramifications
I am a little unclear why it is important to factorize. That appears to be just grouping with parentheses. #5 says to solve the example, but it is not an equation.
Perhaps if you are really smart you will find some results. It looks promising to me. Ultimately, I hope that you believe in the Higher Power who is a gift giver. (We are not allowed to talk about religion on this forum.)
I am not signing up at this time because it seems like a lot of work and I have other priorities. But i will try to read some of what you send.
A more important topic to me is how to create good jobs for everyone. I have friends with no skills.
I am embarrassed to write about this when I actually know little and have no authority.

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No amount of software will grow food. If you are looking for an eternal job, join a farming community. I am sure in the west there are developed organisations dedicated to the cause. It is potentially crippling hard manual labour.

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There are actually experiments with robots that can tend gardens. So…

Software may in fact grow food someday

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And companies trying to make artificial seeds or cloned seeds

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Countries will starve before that happens. Food is needed now. Also robots aren’t software.

That’s… Literally why they’re running experiments like that bro

Also the programming/AI of a robot is literally software

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I debate nothing. You can find research that explains and supports my position on your own.

It’s probably more if it’s feasible to automate growing food with automation technology or not.
Like the exterior cleaning industry is fairly protected from automation because it’s too costly to automate versus paying for manual labour

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If you factor something it’s possibly easier to read or to get the needed data from.

If you have 80 pears and 80 apples and we want to know how many sets of 10 there is of each then
(10)(8 pears) and (10)(8 apples)
So 8 groups of 10 pears and apples.

Or with quadratics the factored form allows you to find the x intercepts of graph or the vertex depending on what form you put it in.

That’s my newly completed precalculus educated guess lol

That’s why we need computers to do calculations for us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi, @LevelJ1
I loved math in my younger years. I was gifted at it, I think. I got to Advanced Calculus. I had a good mind for precision. Maybe my life would have been different if I followed my strength and studied engineering of some sort.
But I never heard of “factorize” until this post. I wonder if this is something new?

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